“I can with one eye squinted take it all as a blessing.”

“I can with one eye squinted take it all as a blessing.” -Flannery O’Connor

As soon as I recovered from the miscarriage I came down with the flu. The succession of illness had a military precision to it: I was on my way to the obstetrician for the all-clear when I started to feel the first tinglings of dizziness. The flu faded but the dizziness stayed; I saw the ENT Friday who proclaimed that I had a weakness on my right side. It’s probably a viral infection of the inner ear (or a tumor or something else equally terrifying, thank you internet), and there may be an MRI or the like in the offing soon.

She administered the most peculiar test, where I marched in place for around 30 seconds with my eyes closed. She clomped in place nearby in her heels to help me keep pace. When I opened my eyes I had turned about 90 degrees to the right, which helped her diagnosed which side was affected. Thankfully she said that none of my symptoms worried her too much.

She urged me to stay active in order to recover sooner–the human balance system is an astonishing thing in that it learns how to compensate for damage and rebalances itself over time. While I wait, I stumble a bit. But at least I know what the cause likely is.

Dear dear body, let’s get back together sometime soon.