“I couldn’t repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder.”

“I couldn’t repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder.” -Steven Wright

We have moved house, 47% unpacked, and Carter is almost done with his first semester of law school. I am busier now than ever, what with my new side venture (to be referred to henceforth as SV). Sometimes, when life is crazyballs, the only solution is to pile more stuff on top.

Side Venture is very exciting! I don’t know what will come of it, but as a hobby it is extremely fun.

Expenses thus far:

Sept (1 week): $27.50
October: $98.50
November: $320 [projected to be around $380]
Total: $506

This balances to -$143.46. Revenue seems to be more than tripling each month, although I don’t expect to surpass $500/mo. for a while.

Some of my items are not under my direct control where sales are concerned. I have no idea how much they’ve been selling, but let’s be ultra-conservative and say that for Q4, they’ll make me around $50 total. They could have made me hundreds more, I just don’t know. I won’t be paid for these until Q1 2015, so best to assume nothing. So really I’m only at about -$93 overall.

Most of my initial expenses (software, how-to books, a freelancer’s services) were one-time costs. Also, $340 of those purchases/services are reserved for 2015. So for 2014 alone, my expenses are $309.46, which means I have made a profit of about $196.54 up through today.

By the end of December I will expect to have completely recouped my initial investment. But otherwise December is a total unknown in terms of revenue forecasting. I have one big item going on market near Christmas, and it could be my biggest hit yet and earn me hundreds+, or it could totally bomb and cost me about $7.24. But given that I’ve got a tiny bit of advance buzz going, I think it will do okay (with the potential to do great).

My budget for 2015 will probably change, but at the moment I’m going to estimate $500. I could lean heavily on that $340 I’ve already spent this year for next year, but I want to toss in a good bit of cushioning in case an item takes off and I want to invest more in marketing and costlier freelancers. I am loathe to spend very much–if anything–on marketing, but may investigate the options further if I’ve got the spare change come March.

SV Goals for 2015:
-Have at least one $1,000+ month!
-4 big items to market + 6 small items, or 2 big items + 12 small items
-Start a mailing list/newsletter [blech, not looking forward to putting these together]