“If you have one parent who loves you…”

“If you have one parent who loves you, even if they can’t buy you clothes, they’re so poor and they make all kinds of mistakes and maybe sometimes they even give you awful advice, but never for one moment do you doubt their love for you–if you have this, you have incredibly good fortune.

If you have two parents who love you? You have won life’s Lotto.

If you do not have parents, or if the parents you have are so broken and so, frankly, terrible that they are no improvement over nothing, this is fine.

It’s not ideal because it’s harder without adults who love you more than they love themselves. But harder is just harder, that’s all.” -Augusten Burroughs, This is How

I have not one, not two, but FIVE parents. Three of whom are steps; all of whom are floating around California in these last weeks before the wedding. My Baba and his wife landed on Friday; this morning they’re rolling towards Yosemite in a tour bus.

One of the first things we did after they arrived was to take them to the library so they could borrow some books and DVDs to enjoy while we were at work. My Baba left the library with biographies of Mao Zedong and other Chinese political figures, positively delighted that he would be able to read some banned/censored/unavailable histories while he’s here. The nerdiness runs deep in our family.

There is a lot to say but I am running on fumes at this point. Onwards.


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