“Everyone forgets that Icarus also flew.”

Calligraphy workshop!

Everyone forgets that Icarus also flew. -“Falling and Flying,” by Jack Gilbert

I received one of the better compliments of my life yesterday. I was attending a calligraphy workshop, and the instructor (who’s featured in the current Martha Stewart Weddings mag!) saw my doodling in the margins and asked if I worked as an illustrator. Oh, if only!

The workshop was only two sessions but I can see calligraphy becoming a regular hobby. It demands a certain focus and slowness; on the whole I am used to writing very quickly, especially in cursive, so the tortoise-like pace of calligraphy shifts my brain into a calmer, contemplative mode. When I finish a session, I feel as if I’ve been sitting in a yoga class, except that I’m not bored out of my gourd (as I usually am when I take yoga).

The class was held in Hayes Valley, which is a peculiar mix of cute shops and shiftiness, which might be expected considering its proximity to Civic Center. I’ve never spent considerable time there, but I quite like it! Wouldn’t like getting stuck there late at night, but it’s quite charming on a sunny afternoon with locals popping in and out of the boutiques and lounging in front of the cafes. I ducked into la Boulange before my workshop and purchased a pair of macarons (hazelnut and coffee) for Carter, in anticipation of our honeymoon later this year. Time to start priming the palates.

Sun and heat is the order of the day. Yesterday I dressed in one of my usual work outfits: blue jeans, long sleeved black shirt, fuchsia flats. It was a mistake. Today, I’ve donned a feathery white cotton frock, and am hoping for some respite from the heat. San Francisco is having its summer, which I predict will last about a week. So I may as well bust out the hot weather wardrobe, which stays in the closet the other 358 days a year.