“Hardly surprising.”

“Hardly surprising.” – Bridget Jones’s Diary, Helen Fielding

Lucasfilm was interesting. Very quiet; lots of private offices and not very many people. The movie memorabilia was fun to look at, and the most interesting part of the tour that Keke gave us was the auditoriums–they were deadly quiet–the quiet was oppressive. Still, I understand that it’s an amazing place to experience a film. The campus itself was verdant and parklike; it overlooked the Palace of Fine Arts. It reminded me a bit of Dartmouth–or some other small liberal arts college in a beautiful environment. Skye and I had to wait for Keke after the tour so we strolled around the grounds and then to the Palace to kill some more time. We all went to My Tofu House in the Richmond for dinner; I had an orange soda, and kimchi tofu soup. The meal came with banchan and a small fried croaker–all delicious. Afterwards we returned to the East Bay to drop off Keke, and spent a little while sitting in Keke’s living room, watching 20/20 (my god how this show has gone downhill…)

Saturday Carter and I neglected to go hiking as we had planned, but we did go to Golden Gate Park where Beast ended up in a scuffle with a husky (who was trying to steal his hard-earned treat). We walked around one of the lakes and watched the model boats run, but headed home before noon for Carter’s sake. He ended up going to work to do some last minute things before his DC trip, and I took care of Beast, did some reading, and grocery-shopped. Like Friday, it was relaxing to enjoy some time to myself. I had some ravioli for lunch and eggs and tomatoes for dinner. Simple stuff.

Sunday we dropped off Beast at my mother’s; I then introduced Carter to the mushroom swiss burger at Red Robin’s, although he thought that the jalapeño coins were the best. I agreed. We enjoyed Cabin in the Woods with Skye, and went back to my house for a lazy evening of watching movies & tv. To feed us I roasted a chicken and made a subpar caesar salad (I’m sure i can find a better dressing recipe). Skye had brought a lovely bowl of raspberries and strawberries which we consumed with some creme fraiche and brown sugar. 

Cabin in the Woods was a tremendous movie. I typically avoid horror movies but this one was a thrill; everything was unexpected and surprising. I won’t say more, except that I worship at the altar of Whedon and always will.


“look pretty.”

“look pretty.” -my mother

Twenty minute write–I have a meeting at 8:30AM. Such is life when one works for a multinational corporation with offices on the other side of the planet. This morning I woke up at 6:19AM; I know! I know! So early. But it was a natural wakeup, not alarmed. Which was weird? I went to sleep around 10PM last night, and according to my tracker got around 7.50-8 hours of sleep, which is good enough for me. I feel rested. Still, I am disturbed by these early wake ups as I really like getting up at 7. Traffic is good this morning considering the still inclement weather.

Mom is coming with her artist friend for lunch today (she sold one of his paintings for $180,000 a few weeks ago). I find it irksome that she told me yesterday to “look pretty.” What am I, some kind of goddamn pony?

This week feels like it’s dragged on for-ever. Carter and I will probably go see Cabin in the Woods friday night (date night! Also, Joss Whedon!! Who is probably the only person in all of Hollywood who could make me eager see a horror movie). Saturday morning we’ll go for a hike, and he has a fraternity alumni event on Saturday night, and we’ll drop Beastie off Sunday morning at mom’s since Carter will be in DC next week. And I’m cooking dinner for Carter, Skye, and myself on Sunday night. So pretty busy this weekend. But god, how I live for the weekends now…they are wonderful.

I love 3/4…waltzes and all the rest. Or 6/8. Listening to lovers’ carvings by Bibio.

Lunch was quite good actually. The artist (and his wife, who is half his age–my age!!) came and went on a fun spree here  like it was Disneyland. They tore through the cafe (the artist loves salmon sashimi. What can I say? I think he ate .5 lb of raw salmon. Grizzly-bear style). And then his wife flat out asked if there was ice cream (and of course there was). They overfilled their cups and delicately sprinkled the toppings over the teetering tops of the ice cream. It was fun to watch them enjoy the campus–they loved the displays and the cafes generally. They brought me a kilogram of chocolate truffles, which are now on the shelf next to my desk, for the gustatory enjoyment of the legal department. I drew eyeballs and sharp pointy teeth on the package plus an “eat me!!!” command on the packaging. I hope that they will be gone this week so that I will not eat them (all).

“Assume that you’re working.”

“Assume that you’re working.”

“Assume that you’re working.” -Don Draper, Mad Men

A good weekend, quite tiring.  

Friday Carter and I had date night: sushi, then this week’s episode of New Girl, Community, and a good old episode of Star Trek Voyager.   Bed early: Saturday started off with a strenuous hike in the Marin headlands, with Beast romping along Rodeo Beach and eating lots of of suspicious objects (stale pizza, dead fish). I found a wad of gooseneck barnacles on the beach, which was exciting and otherworldly. We headed back to San Francisco for a burrito and a nap. Post-nap, inspired by the unusual weather, we headed to Ocean Beach for some more R&R. It was a little chillier than we’d expected, but got in some reading and fetch-time with Beastie. Sunday was Easter brunch with Carter’s friends, and I toted along a sausage-kale strata. A lively egg hunt followed the gorging and then we returned home to hit the bed for another nap. Due to heavy ingestion of alcohol Carter was more or less out for the afternoon and evening; I kept busy gold-leafing an antique wood frame that I found at the Alemany flea market, and cleaned up our secretary table a bit. Some more organization is called for, but that was as much work as I was able to do, considering my flagging energy levels.

Not much writing got done, but I’m planning to make up for that this week. It’s Monday!! Onward ho!!

“Make me feel.”

Really close to home so will be a short entry. Attended a talk given by Jane Espenson at work today; I learned a couple of things. 

1. I was able to concentrate best on what she was saying while I played a bubble shooter game on my phone. If I tried to do the polite thing and actually stare at her while she spoke, I started getting twitchy and thinking about her hairstyle…the spot on the wall behind her…the shade of her pants…the color of the microphone…on and on. I think it’s because I’m actually quite visually oriented as a person, so if my eyes aren’t occupied by an ongoing semi-dull but some-focus-required task, I will get crazy schizo and my interest will drift. I heard what she said so much better while I was playing my game. Perhaps this is the same principle as doodling. But I don’t really attend lectures anymore the same way I did in school, so very few opportunities to confirm this hypothesis.
2. She described the Joss Whedon storytelling technique as “1) make me feel 2) get something across 3) this has to affect the protagonist” and a few others that I’m forgetting. Oh yes, something about putting sadness in humor and humor in sadness. To quote Cheryl Strayed, “a bit of sully in your sweet.” I must review the video when it goes up on YouTube. But it struck me as important and probably good to know for all different sorts of storytelling.